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praises together,

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Confirmation at St. Paul's is more than a class, it is a journey; a journey into discovering who you are and what you believe.
Like many mainline Protestant denominations, the United Church of Christ baptizes infants. This act of faith, which is what baptism is, and the commitment to Christianity it represents is done on behalf of the child by their parents or guardians. When a child is older, however, it is important that they confirm this act of faith and this commitment to Christianity for themselves, and this is what the journey of Confirmation is all about.
Members of the Confirmation class, confirmands, as they are called, meet regularly with the pastor to learn about and discuss the Bible, the Trinity (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the history of Christianity, the Christian Church, the United Church of Christ and St. Paul's Church, the sacraments, prayer, worship, and their own beliefs and faith. It is an opportunity to explore, to question, to discover and to grow. At the end of the one-year journey, the confirmands confirm their faith and commitment in a special worship service, where they also become members of St. Paul's United Church of Christ.
Confirmation classes begin in September of each year and meet regularly until May. The class is open to all youth 8th grade and above. All youth and their parents are asked to make a covenant with the church that they will make attendance at Confirmation classes and related activities a priority in their lives and take seriously the journey of faith the classes represent.
Anyone interested in joining the Confirmation journey can contact the pastor or church office.
Download this year's syllabus and covenant here-


Sunday School (Sep - May) Check Calendar for dates. 9:00 AM
Fellowship Time 9:45 AM
Worship Service 10:15 AM



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