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04/15/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Here I Am, Lord
Acts 9:10-19a
God calls all of us to teach, inspire, and bring the Good News of God's Love to others. Whether our interaction is significant or incidental, we can be used by God to do great things in the Kingdom of God.
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04/08/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter He Is Risen...Now What
Matthew 28:16-20
Another Easter has passed, so now what? Jesus answers that question for us in the commission he gave to his disciples. In the aftermath of Easter, we are called to continue the celebration of the Good News by sharing it with others so that they can join in the celebration as well.
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04/01/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Victorious Love
Romans 8:38-39
April Fools Day is a perfect day to celebrate the resurrection, because in Jesus' victory of life over death, God truly had the last laugh.
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03/25/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Love Misunderstood
John 12:12-16
Making mistakes is a universal characteristic of human beings. In fact, if it weren't for our mistakes, Jesus never would have needed to come. The challenge with mistakes is that they can blind us from what's really best for us. Thankfully, Jesus knows this, and not only can we be forgiven, but we can have a fresh start as well.
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03/18/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Love as Life
Luke 7:11-17
Jesus' love for us is powerful, more so than we can even imagine. It not only enables him to experience compassion, and heal the hurts in our lives, but it also empowers him to raise us from death to new life.
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03/11/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Love as Freedom
Luke 8:26-33
We read about demon possession in the Bible, and, while we don't think of demons today, there are certainly challenges and situations that, like the demons of old, possess us and control our lives. The good news is that Jesus' great love for us can free us from these struggles.
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