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12/03/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Love is Protection
Daniel 3:19-28
There are plenty of dangers in our lives and in our world, physical, emotional and spiritual. We don't need to be afraid, however, because God has promised to always be with us and protect us. God's protection is one of the ways God demonstrates love for us.
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11/26/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter What Happened
Isaiah 9:1-7
We think we know light from darkness, but, in truth, it's easy for our eyes to adapt and perceive some darkness as relative light. This is true in our spiritual lives as well, but once we're aware of the darkness, we can seek the True Light, which is Jesus.
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11/19/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Christmas Prep
Luke 1:67-79
In the midst of all our Christmas preparation, do we realize how much preparation God put into that first Christmas as well? Jesus' birth wasn't a random occurrence of events; instead, it was carefully planned throughout the ages. And, believe it or not, each of us were on God's mind through all of the preparation.
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11/12/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter A Future with Hope
Jeremiah 29:4-11
How do we live in a world where mass shootings and terrorist attacks are a constant possibility? We can look to the same hope that God provided the Israelites with as they lived in exile in Babylon, far from the security of their Promised Land. This hope is in the plans that God has for us, and the faithfulness of God's promises.
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11/05/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Press Mute
1 Kings 19:4-13a
The Bible tells us of God's "still, small voice" and, through the psalmist, God instructs us to "be still and know I am God." So, does God still speak to us in silence, and, if so, how can we possible hear God when there is so much noise in our everyday lives? What might happen if we pressed mute on the world and gave God 2 minutes of silence every day?
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10/29/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Temple
1 Kings 8:1-6.22-23
In ancient days, faithful people went to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship God. We don't have a Temple today, partly because God's plan is that we are God's Temple as the glory of God dwells in our hearts.
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