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06/18/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Undeserved Privilege
Romans 5:1-8
Have you ever considered what a privilege it is to be forgiven and made right in our relationship with God through what Jesus did for us? It is a privilege, and undeserved privilege, and it can make all the difference in our lives if we seize upon it.
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06/11/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Mirror
Genesis 1: 26-31
We are an image-conscious society. The problem is that we don't control the "ideal image," the world does, and quite often, it's an image that's nearly impossible to measure up to. The Bible, however, tells us of a different image, God's image. This is our true image, and the good news is that it's already been created within us by God.
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06/04/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Confirm
1 Corinthians 12:1-4
Our faith, as Christians, is meant to be an ever-growing part of our lives. God's Holy Spirit empowers us, both to grow in our faith through the experiences in our lives, and also to continually confirm our faith through the ways we live our lives.
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05/28/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter With One Accord
Acts 1:6-14
Do you know what Pentecost and Memorial Day have in common? Each remembers an experience of people coming together in unity. This unity enables greater progress and empowers more possibilities than any one person can achieve alone, and it is how we are called by God to exist with one another.
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05/21/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Relationships, not Religion
Acts 17:22-31
Throughout history, many people have placed great emphasis on religion. Jesus, however, did not. Jesus stressed the importance of relationship, and in particular, relationship with God.
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05/07/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Shared
Acts 2:42-47
Fellowship in the church has been relegated to potluck dinners and other fun, but non-essential activities. The truth, however, is that the earliest church made fellowship a priority. What might happen in the church today if we did the same?
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