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10/15/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Knock, Knock
1 Samuel 3:1-10
From page one of Genesis, to the last word of Revelation there is one consistent and wonderful truth that is often over-looked in the Bible. This truth is that God knows the names of God's people. And, this is just as true for us today as it was for the heroes of the Bible. God knows each and every one of our names.
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10/08/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Focus on God
Exodus 16:2-7
In our world and in our lives, it's so easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges and problems that come our way. The good news, however, is that there is more than just the issues, there is also God. And, when we focus on God, instead of solely on our problems and difficulties, then we will discover all of the blessings and promises God has for us.
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10/01/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God Is, We Are
Exodus 3:1-15
The name God gave to Moses, "I am who I am," is a reminder of God's greatness, and our hope in being what we can be as well.
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09/24/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Amazing Crisis
Genesis 28:10-17
Crisis seems to be inevitable in our world, but it doesn't need to overwhelm or undermine us. Instead, we can be reminded of what Jacob discovered in the midst of his own crisis, which is that God is always with us, no matter what.
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09/17/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Bank On It
Genesis 21:1-7
We know that there are many promises in the Bible, but are God's promises trustworthy? How can we know we can count on them, especially in difficult times? The answer is that the Bible offers us, not only the promises, but also evidence for their trustworthiness. The story of Abraham and Sarah is one such example.
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09/10/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter New Beginnings
Genesis 1:1-2:1
In the beginning God...those are some of the greatest and most powerful words in the Bible, because when we begin all of our new beginnings with God, then we will be able to create great wonders, just as God did in the beginning.
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